From The Main Square is an interactive VR-experience animated in 2d. Pedro Harres is the director of the project, one of the scriptwriters, head of programming & level design. The project was his thesis on Directing Animation at the Babelsberg Film University Konrad Wolf and had support from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.


Encircling a central square, a new town emerges in all its diversity. A crossroad of stories, buildings, hopes, and conflicts. People nurture sympathy and care for their equals, but also animosity towards those who are different. It doesn't take long for an "us versus them" atmosphere to take over. From The Main Square is an interactive VR experience that invites the viewer to witness the rise and fall of a divided society; how it blossoms only to become a danger to itself.


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Awards (14)

From The Main Square
  • 79th Venice International Film Festival (Italy) - Venice Immersive Grand Jury Prize
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinema 2022 (Canada) - Horizon Awards
  • Bucheon International Animation Festival 2022 (South Korea) - Best VR Animation
  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2022 (Greece) - Best Immersive Film
  • Red Sea International Film Festival 2022 (Saudi Arabia) - Golden Immersive Yusr
  • XR Must 2022 (Online) - 2nd Prize - Best Impact or Documentary Award
  • Kaboom International Animation Festival 2023 (Netherlands) - Best VR Animation
  • New Images Festival 2023 (France) - Grand Prize
  • Anifilm 2023 (Czech Republic) - Best VR Animation
  • Annecy International Animation Festival 2023 (France) - Festivals VR Connexion Award
  • Stereopsia 2023 (Belgium) - Best Creative Experience
  • Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2023 (UK) - Best VR & 360
  • Next Reality 2023 (Germany) - Young Talent Award
  • Manchester Animation Festival 2023 (UK) - Best VR Film

Special Mentions

  • Kaohsiung International Film Festival 2022 (Taiwan)
  • Ji Hlava 2022 (Czech Republic)
  • Anidox VR 2022 (Denmark)
  • Animafest Zagreb 2023 (Croatia)


  • Duration:
  • Format:
    6DOF PCVR Build (SteamVR)
  • Animation Technique:
    2D digital, stopmotion
  • Sound:
    Spatial Stereo


  • Direction:
    Pedro Harres
  • Production:
    Lorena Junghans
  • Script:
    Angelina Urbanczyk
    Pedro Harres
    Rafael Loss
  • Art Direction:
    Dani Eizirik
    Paulo Lange
  • Character Animation:
    Samuel Patthey
    Sophia Schönborn
  • Stopmotion Animation:
    André Correia
  • Voices:
    Amishai Müller
    Bruno de Marco
    Fabian Rau
    Guy Shahaf
    Sofia Sarmento
  • Dialogs:
    Megan Janke
    André Correia
  • Sound Design & Mix:
    Oscar Galimberti
  • Music:
    Justin Robinson
    Marcus Sander
  • Music Production & Mix:
    Sebastian Rojas Baquero
  • Programming:
    Douglas Rachevsky
    Marius Morhard
    Pedro Harres
  • Additional Programming:
    Lorenz Weiland
    Matthaus Oelschlager
    Theo Galland
  • Head of Level Design:
    Pedro Harres
  • Level Design:
    Antoine Maubon
    Lucille Lefebvre
    Leonie Aurelia Klaus
    Matheus Frantz
    Nikan Salari
    Simon Stimberg
    Wolf Wilhelm Niedermark
  • 1st Assistant Director:
    André Correia
  • 2nd Assistant Director:
    Clara Schulze
  • Production Coordinators:
    Pedro Harres
    Simon Rief
  • Production Assistants:
    Damoun Marashi
    Hares Pascoal
    Sofía De Angelis
  • Original Graphis & Characters:
    Dani Eizirik
  • Storyboard:
    Laura Schneider
    Richard Forstmann
  • Layout:
    André Correia
    Clara Schulze
    Jeremias Klein
    Lola Vergara
  • Additional Character Animation:
    Tim Jesse
  • Animation Assistants:
    Hossam Aljammal
    Isabella Ruiz
    Lea Trägenap
  • Technical Art Support:
    Sebastian Willhelm
  • Environment Design:
    Léa Bompart
    Hyerim Lee
    Rafael Loss
  • Montage Consultancy:
    Sarvenaz Zolfaghar
  • Sound Engineer:
    David Schornsheim
  • Foleys:
    Simon Ferber
    Amir Arsalam
  • Additional Sound Design:
    Andrea Garcia Estrepo
    Aleksandra Landsmann
    Bastian Schick
    Elisabeth Sommer
    Klaudia Sadie

  • Film University Babelsberg Staff

  • Technical Support:
    Robert Schaller
  • Production Supervisors:
    Uli Kunz
    Andreas Schellenberg
  • Line Producer:
    René Beine
  • Assistant Line Producer:
    Nicole Fiedler
  • Tutors:
    Prof. Björn Stockleben
    Prof. Christina Schindler, Alexander Rihl
  • Advisors:
    Prof. Felix Goennert
    Prof. Frank Gessner
    Frederic Dubois

  • Funding Executive Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg:
    Esther Rothstegge
  • Funded by
From The Main Square